Welcome to Biometrics Integrated. We are a global biometric security, biometric monitoring solutions and biometric system integration services provider. We design, develop, integrate and maintain complex mission critical security and monitoring systems to enable enterprise realize optimum use of their infrastructure. Biometrics Integrated provides a range of technology capabilities using advanced biometrics.


The global trade and standards association for electronic publishing. The Morph Soft develops and maintains the EPUB standard format for reflowable digital books and other digital publications that are interoperable between disparate reading devices and applications. The Mprph Soft also provides a forum that fosters enhanced communication between all stakeholders in the emerging global digital publishing industry.


Distance learning, otherwise known as e-learning, online learning, or distance education, is an educational course or program that is completed remotely from the school. This means that this form of education allows learners to skip classes physically. However, just like the mainstream formal education, distance learning also follows a certain curriculum. Lessons are given, deadlines are set, and assessments are done. The only differences are that in distance learning, education happens at a geographical distance and through electronic means, and that students study at their own pace. The following are the key features of distance learning: